Recent Updates

2012-04-30 01:11:54 by nakano15

Recently i am working on a new game,it's a shooter game,and i'm making good use of sound effects,but i'm kind of worried about the musics,but it's nice to see that newgrounds growed the game's size to 20 mega bytes,so,this will help-me to add some musics,but not a lot of them,i hope the game,be bigger on content than the others i launched,but also,does not exceed the 20 mb of size.

See ya.

Back to the Action

2012-04-26 16:02:10 by nakano15

Ri' nao,i'm back to the action,making games for Newgrounds,until i not learn any of the programation languages,like as XNA,i'll make some games for newgrounds,just for fun,and practice my development skills.

So,see you on my next games.

Hi there,wanna news?

2011-08-12 02:08:22 by nakano15

Well,this is the first new i post here,so,i'll make it...forget it,i'm posting.
I'll update some games,like as Speed Runner - Survive,to make the game be good,
i'll enlarge it,putting more stages(and making it more dificult to win).

I'll make new games too,i'm planning on a tank game.

Well,these are the news.